Master the art of the bathroom shelfie with the main ingredient: a chic bathroom as your backdrop

Just like designer Tom Ford’s viral tips for looking good on Zoom during the pandemic – that included placing laptops on a stack of books with the camera angled slightly downwards and having a lamp out of frame that highlights, quite literally, your best angle – every millennial woman knows a thing or two about taking a selfie. But in recent years, in certain beauty-loving circles, ‘shelfies’ have become an even more important skill to master: that is, an image that depicts your skincare products taken in an aspirational bathroom cabinet.

The shelfie social media trend, seen everywhere from TikTok to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s English countryside bathroom and Kim Kardashian’s similarly beige Calabasas equivalent, has helped usher in the era of the bathroom for the generation that has slowly but surely begun to shift its focus toward the art of creating a chic, comfortable and considered home.

Noosa vanity

Starting with toga sofas for the living room and red Le Cruset sets for the kitchen (one that is ideally painted a Dakota Johnson shade of green), millennials have now well and truly moved on to a focus on transforming one of the home’s most functional rooms into a sanctuary of calm, complete with Aesop handwashes sitting atop sparkling clean bathroom vanities. But when it comes to redesigning, renovating or just making a few small additions to this space, the process can quickly become overwhelming and confusing: there are countless brands on the market, countless styles and aesthetics to choose from and function and practicality to consider at the same time.

Noosa bath

This is where Otti Australia comes in. The experienced team approaches design with the emerging sophistication and vibrant spirit of Australia, equipt with the knowledge and expertise to advise you on choosing the right fixtures for every nook in your bathroom – not only functionally but stylistically, too. Otti has everything from handles to basins, taps and vanities (meaning you won’t have to mix and match and can, instead, create a cohesive space) in premium quality with all Otti cabinets made using waterproof plywood. Furthermore, unlike other companies in the industry, Otti recognises that equally as important is the need for a bathroom to be aesthetically pleasing and to feel calming and serene.


Bondi vanity

With a focus the latest trends in interior design, Otti places emphasis on ensuring to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to having a young, fresh and vibrant feel. Understanding that bathrooms shouldn’t just be a functional space, they are where you go for self-care: to use the aforementioned beloved beauty products, to read in a candle-lit bubble bath, Otti believes bathrooms should mirror the sanctuary spas invoke – this can be as simple as the addition of greenery, to investing in plush bath towels. But nothing will be more satisfying than adding elements such as a backlit bathroom mirror (that would really get the Tom Ford and Kim Kardashian selfie seal of approval), a free-standing bath or changing the likes of Bondi variety vanities and natural oak shaving cabinets for the ultimate shelfie.